Ideas For Holidays With a Difference

When it comes to holidays with a difference, the world has so many options for you to choose from. Finding what you want should not be difficult either.

If you want to find a volunteering project then think about countries such as India or Costa Rica. These have plenty of community and conservation projects where they will always welcome a few extra pairs of hands. The accommodation will vary between basic but comfortable and luxurious but whatever you choose to do your help will be appreciated.

Chasing the sun

During the winter months, getting away to the sun is a bit of a dream, but it will usually mean venturing outside much of Europe. If you want a resort in a different part of the world then places such as the Cape Verde Islands are becoming increasingly popular. There are six islands to choose from, all boasting great beaches and lively culture. The Canary Islands have always been a favoured choice among holidaymakers but for something different choose one of the smaller islands such as La Graciosa.

South America

Argentina is a great destination for tourists with vast swathes of the country very unspoiled. The cities are vibrant and a good choice for shopping or dining out, but anyone who wants to get closer to the culture of the country should venture out. Hiking and horse riding are activities that will get you closer to nature and the smaller towns and villages are perfect for meeting the locals. If Argentina does not appeal to you then neighbouring countries such as Brazil might be what you are looking for. Brazil has everything from rainforests and the Amazon River to world-famous beaches.

The US

There are large sections of the US that are part of the mainstream tourist industry, but there are plenty of options here if you want to avoid them. You could spend time on a Colorado ranch, for example, learning how to ride horses and herd cattle. The most northerly state of Alaska is a great place to visit too. You could take a cruise to go whale watching or take a safari and try to spot a grizzly bear. The city of Anchorage is a good destination if you want to learn more about the history of the state.